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Are you a small business that needs an online presence? Or maybe you have a website that needs serious updating. I focus on the small business that requires digital help.

Don't pay a web design company thousands of dollars, putting out money for features you don't need. Do you really have to be able to chat? Do you need to update your site on a daily basis? I've seen it happen. You decide what you need and only pay for that.

With 20 years of experience building and working with one of Central Indiana's most popular websites, I'm now focusing on businesses like your's. My experience includes building websites from the ground up, creating graphics and writing and editing editorial content.

Maybe you have a website that needs some updating, whether it be design or content updates. I can help with that too.

I have won jounalistic online awards as well as Awards of Excellence. Contact me to see what I can do for you.


Do you have technical issues with your website? Are you getting the best ranking on Google and other search engines? Is your site focused on attracting the audience you want? Let me help. With 20 years experience working on one of the most popular websites in Central Indiana, I am now bringing my experience and knowledge to others.

I'll go through your site looking for links that don't go anywhere, forms that don't work, coding that causes issues with the way your site loads on mobile devices.

Are you reaching the audience you want? Many times companies build a good looking site, but it doesn't focus on any particular demographic. Using my years of experience I'll examine your site and coding for focused verbage and keywords.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a very important aspect of websites. It's an examination of how well any particular website ranks on Goole, Bing and other search engines. The higher your ranking the more likely people will find you online. It takes well thought-out code, something many sites tend to ignore.



I will go through your website focusing on its functionality; testing links, forms and javascript functions and how they look and work on various internet browsers. Sometimes the coding causes issues that are easily corrected. I can also examine any mobile apps you may have.


Businesses offer different services or products. I will build or update your website based on the type of business you have. Don't let a digital company place your digital content on a website template they're using for all their clients. Let me customize something for you.


Digital Design and Consulting - Money Mailer

Money Mailer Greenwood

Information for potential advertisers

Digital Design and Consulting - Carmel Monthly Magazine

Carmel Monthly Magazine

Digital version of the magazine

Digital Design and Consulting - Finz Underwater Video

Finz Underwater Video

Underwater photography and diving


  • Digital Design and Consulting

    September 1996

    A Webmaster is Born

    Having built web pages on my downtime at WTHR-TV, when NBC called saying it wanted local stations to join the new I took full time control of the web site, building all pages using only a text editor. Due to my efforts that television station was the first Central Indiana news website to daily include video and audio. My duties included writing news stories and editing reporter scripts as well as serving as webmaster, making all layout and technical changes to the website.

  • Digital Design and Consulting

    2005 - 2016

    Thousands of Pages

    When the company decided to sign on with a content management system (CMS) I headed up the trasfer of an entire web site to a CMS. As the staff grew I focused on content for various departments. I was the technical liaison for third party applications, including mobile web, search engine optimization (SEO) and smartphone apps. My PHP programming skills allowed me to create special content.

  • Digital Design and Consulting


    Putting Knowlege to Use for Others

    With all the knowledge I've accumulated over more than 20 years of digital writing, coding and layout, I've decided to use this knowledge to assist other companies or individuals in having online content that works, does well in search engines results and reaches its target audience.

  • Digital Design and Consulting

    Early Career

    My name is Warren Mills. After graduating from the University of Missouri with a degree in journalism I worked at TV stations in Savannah, Shreveport and Indianapolis. I was a reporter, anchor, photographer, producer and editor.

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